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Movie about the writer who writes and it comes true

The movie that I watched was an English language colour movie . I watched it on TV.

It is about a writer who writes and it comes true. It is a love story. The name of one of the character, possibly female is jinny or ginny or something like that. There is also a scene where the writer is chasedbeaten up by gangsters.

I know it is not Ruby Sparks or Stranger than Fiction or Delirious. I have seen them.

Would appreciate it if somebody came up with the movie name.

Thank you.

Movie: When God left man kind on it’s own

I am trying to remember a strange movie that I watch on American BBC. think it was in the 80’s just not sure.

It was about a fellow who thought he was Jesus who return. One of the few things I remember was that he was poison at the dinner table. An when he died everybody in the world new that God had left them alone to get on with their lives. I would like to watch it again if I can find it.

Movie (maybe similar to The Burbs)

Ok, what I remember about this movie is that it was either from the late 70’s or early 80’s. The lead was a young black kid maybe 10 or 12 years old. My “Burbs” reference regards the neighbors. I remember an evil mother and her daughter, an innocent girl.

I remember on scene in the movie, as punishment for something,  the mother putting her daughter into a bath filled with scalding water. Shortly after (near the end of the movie) the black kid sneaks into the house to rescue her. He gets to her room and her skin is bright red from the hot bath.

This wasn’t a super scary, horror movie as I remember seeing it when I was young and not being very scared. I’d say it was a PG or 12’s movie.

Thanks for your help