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Canadian Teen Movie? Rebellious teen.


My first movie mystery went very well on this site so I’m trying again with another Movie!

This movie Takes place during the Late 70s Early ’80s

Possibly a Canadian movie?

What I remember is a female teen is rebellious against her dad because she wants to be part of a Music Band? I’m not 100 % sure if its the band or the guy in the band.  Her dad was really pushy. (Maybe Military?)

Another vague memory is the group Pharasute Club music might be used in the? I’m not sure about this I might have Crossed the memories.

This movie is not a high budget and was made for TV.



Black & White Horror Film!? Help


Im 99% sure the movie is in Black and white

I was wondering if someone can help me find a movie. I remember seeing a quick clip about it. I guess the movie was controversial because the Killer or weirdo neighbor was leering at kids next door?

I remember very little. I think there is a scene where the kids are talking and one is telling another child of the killer or weird neighbor.

I believe she was swinging on a swing set.

I’m sorry for being vague. I don’t remember much.