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Man gets intimate with dead woman’s body

A man is searching for love and is a rather shy person, rather overweight.  He works in an office building.  He meets a woman and pays her to date her.  Eventually they develop a romantic relationship, however she dies from drug overdose.  He keeps her body, having sex with it.  Causes quite a smell eventually, and the neighbors get bothered.  I didn’t recognize any famous celebrities, and it was a rather weird movie.  I think it was made in the last couple of decades.  He was actually considered a nutcase, in the beginning and end of the film.  It was in color, and it wasn’t a creepy movie as much as disgusting at the end.  It was nonetheless artistic.

Man meets prostitute, pays to talk, she later dies, but he keeps her body…

Another strange movie.  A shy rather quiet guy, maybe middle-aged with an office job, feels very lonely.  Not an extremely social person.  His friend and co-worker says he should find a prostitute.  He hesitantly goes for it.  The woman he encounters is blonde, cute, but he explains to her that he just wants only to talk and spend time with her, for which he will pay her.  She thinks it a little odd but agrees.  For a long time, they meet up and talk, and get to know each other, and she charges him.  Eventually they become closer and closer friends, and right when he’s about to hit it off with her, there’s a turn: she goes into his bathroom and accidentally overdoses on some drug via needle.  He waits for her, until he goes into the bathroom and finds her dead.  He then keeps her body making love to it, with the illusion that she’s alive.  He makes love to her dead body, for a long time, still feeling she’s alive even though her body is dead.  Her dead body even has dialogue with him.  He keeps the body for weeks or months, and eventually his place starts to stink, her body decomposing, until the smell finally starts to go through the windows.  A weird film, because he has this illusion that her dead body is talking to him, and he is aware that she is dead, but because of this strong love he feels for her, he just doesn’t want to let her go.  I think it was made in the last 10-20 years, but I can’t remember what the title of the movie is.  Anyone remember this film?  Thanks.

Odd Artistic Film (Less Popular) Woman found by man

I’m looking for a rather odd film I remember that has practically no dialogue.  Close to none.  It starts with a woman washed up on a beach being found by a man, and he takes her in.  She appears to be mute or psychologically unbalanced.  I think she is quiet through the whole film (not 100 % sure.)  Her history is rather mysterious because she doesn’t speak.  It’s not such a popular film.  More of an artistic piece.  The man later tries to marry her towards the end of the film.  Not quite successful, but I can’t remember what happens in the ending except that I think another man comes into the film.  Again, it’s a rather odd film, due to there being VERY little dialogue.  I’ve been looking all over for it, tried different websites, and it’s annoying because all these more popular titles spring up.  If this rings a bell for anyone, I’d be grateful if you let me know.  No actors I remember, I saw it a few years back, it’s in color, english I think, but could be foreign.  The two main characters are Caucasian.  Not as much in the modern world of today (I don’t think.)  I’ve only given a few details from memory.  Again, little dialogue.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  Thanks.