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Sick boy who is not allowed to use his legs

I saw this about a year ago and it looked like it had been made recently. It’s about a younger boy. ( grade school age.) His parents are both doctors and both are very scary. They have tricked him into thinking he has this terrible condition and they don’t let him walk around or use his legs. He is just wheelchair bound and plays video games in bed all day. He doesn’t go to public school and doesn’t know anyone.

This new girl about his age moves to town and I don’t remember exactly why but she started coming to his window and talking to him a lot. I think he lived by a corn field or something but I remember that there were scarecrows.

The mom gets really mad that he’s making a friend but the girl just wants to pry when she sees how crazy the mom is and she snuck into their basement and found another child. He was is a coma and they had him hooked up to all kinds of expensive medical equipment.

I had to leave at this part and I never got to finish it but still want to.

Psychological Horror (late 2000’s?)

The main character is a girl with black hair and she is just coming home from the asylum. She lives with her dad, her sister, and her dad’s creepy new gf. Their mom died or something and the whole time you think it’s the dads mistress who killed her. Then I remember at the end the girl is running around rampantly and she finally finds herself in front of a mirror with a knife in her hand and blood all over her and realizes that she was the antagonist the whole time and then it ends. SUCH A GOOD ENDING OMG. X/