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Leave the path, turn to stone

I was young enough and the memory is vague enough that this might just have been a dream.

But if it wasn’t a dream, it was a film or TV show I saw in the late 70s. All I can remember is that there was some kind of path that the main character had to walk along, and if he stepped off of the path, he would turn into stone. There were stone statues along the path of people who had gone before.

Boy obsessed with National Geographic magazine

I saw part of this movie on cable in the 80s. It was in color and English language, but not American. Possibly from New Zealand, South Africa, or Australia.

A boy around 12(?) years of age is very curious about science and anthropology. It’s all he talks about. He has a book or a magazine (it might have been National Geographic) with lots of photos in it. His parents are concerned because there is a photo of a bare-breasted native woman in it. They think he’s so fascinated with it because of the nudity. So they ask him to compare the woman in that photo to another one and tell them what is so interesting about her. He thinks for a moment, then he says that she’s “better fed,” due to the rainy season.

Woman compelled to hang herself in an asylum

I saw this on TV in the early 80s, maybe late 70s. In English, in color, possibly an episode of a TV series.

A woman is hearing voices. She might have been an inmate of a prison or an asylum. The voices are whispering, “You must die” and calling her by her name, which was Celia or Ilia or something like that. Compelled by the voices, she tries to hang herself.

Later, she is describing what happened (possibly to a psychologist) and she says something like “they forced me to hang myself.”

Heist of magical stone? using climbing gear

I caught the ending of this movie several times on cable in the 80s. It was in color, and the version I saw was in English, but it might have been overdubbed because it had a very continental European vibe to it, possibly French. Made in the 70s or 80s.

The villain was some kind of religious cult leader, I think. The good guys needed to steal some sort of magical artifact, maybe a stone, that was under very tight security. One of them asked how they were going to do it. The main character replied something like, “Simple. We’ll fly.” The heist involved the use of climbing ropes and carabiners to cross the room along the ceiling to avoid setting off the alarms.

When the main character finally gets the magical stone, its power turns him into some kind of half-monster, like half of his face becomes deformed. But it also gives him the power to beat the bad guy. That’s about all I remember.