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after brutal fight scene, both combatants gravely injured; laying on the floor side-by-side, they reach out to hold hands as one of them dies…

… and music plays

it was a very depressing movie that came out in the past 5 years for sure. our protagonist is a middle aged white man (40s to 60s) with dark/greying hair who i think had some facial hair. if i’m remembering correctly, he’s suicidal but he’s taking care of his mother (?) so he’s still alive. he’s a violent man who’s been charged with the protection of a young girl who i believe has been kidnapped and i think was going to be sold into some sex trafficking ring or something along those lines. while trying to find the girl, he fights a man in a house, a brutal scene which culminates either in the kitchen or the bathroom (the floor was tile or linoleum, not carpet. i think it was the kitchen). both men deal terrible blows to each other and they lie near each other on the floor. a song is playing diagetically i think, and there’s no other sound than that and their ragged breathing. slowly, as our protagonist’s opponent bleeds out, he reaches out toward our protagonist, seeking out a last moment of human comfort and not wanting to be alone as he dies. our protagonist takes his hand.

as you can tell, it was a very vivid scene and really stuck with me; unfortunately i literally remember nothing else from this film. I think it had a longer title… i remember thinking the title was a little strange. help!