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Spiked wall/cage death scene

I remember a movie scene set anywhere between the 60’s and the 90’a of a group of people trapped in a maze or something resembling an escape room or a dangerous obstacle course. They wore suits with a power ranger/star trek/hunger games vibe to them. I remember one specific scene only. They’re in a metal room, very clean and “modern” and there’s a lot of myst and smoke and a blue light. One of the male characters either falls or is pushed back first, into a spiked cage section of a wall. I think there’s a shot where you can see the tips of the spikes come through his face or either his chest/arms. And that’s all I remember. Does anyone know what this movie or show is? It definitely isn’t Krull because I just watched krull and that isn’t the spike scene I’m talking about.

Boy learns about sex, European movie

i saw this movie once when I was a kid, guessing it was Russian but I had no idea what language they were speaking.

i only remember a few of the following scenes:

young boy is going to school, his friend shows him 2 dogs on the street having doggystyle sex and saying something like that’s how grown ups do it.

they save up some money and pay a student to show her vagina, she opens her legs on the seat outdoor but incidentally, they couldn’t see anything as it was only very brief and she didn’t quite show anything. She then walks away and the young boy and his friend don’t say anything except “I didn’t see it”.

the young boy peeks at an elder family member having sex one late night.

the ending portrays the young boy dancing with an older, or if I’m mistaken, a taller girl whom he likes. Some European music fades in and cue in credits.

So this movie was on cinemax/hbo alot during the daytime in the early/mid 90s.

It was something about a group of friends (adults) finding a mirror that was a portal to the wild west or another dimension that resembled the wild west. There wasn’t much special effects so it didn’t seem as cheesey as other b movies in the 90s that used crappy special effects.


I seem to recall them fighting people or aliens from another dimension,  And either a cyborg sheriff or bad guy, maybe he wasn’t a cyborg but had a robotic arm?


The town was mostly deserted, and alot of the scenes took place at night.



It’s been bugging me for years, and it is not Oblivion!