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This ones kind of a mess because i only remember bits and pieces BUT PLEASE HELP I NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF THIS MOVIE

The Basic premise of the movie is a guy dreams about this girl as an angel saving him, and then breaks some kind of laws and is going to be Lobotomized in this giant stone circle room but he gets rescued by the girl and her like team or whatever and goes on this crazy adventure, during which theres a scene where they see someone they know waving at them then the man gets engulfed in leaves and then when the leaves blow away the man had disappeared, and the mains apartment is like completely falling apart with like tubes and stuff falling out of the ceiling and the big twist at the end of  the movie is that he never actually got saved and he did get lobotomized in the stone circle chamber thingy and gets just blankly staring into a tv they set up in front of him, the only other thing i remember is that his job was to like deliver a check to a widow on behalf of the company he worked for