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Ghost Movie with a Twist

Apologies for spoilers! I can’t adequately describe the movie without giving away the twist. This is a ghost story about a married woman who believes her school-aged daughter is still alive, but through the events of the film the audience slowly realizes the little girl is a ghost, and only the mother can see her. The family has just moved into a rural country house and we watch as they try to adjust to a new life. There is a question in the story as to whether the mother has a mental illness due to an accident and is perhaps imagining her daughter. It has some genuinely creepy scenes that later make sense when we find out the girl is a ghost (or perhaps a very visceral memory). I think it’s probably about ten-ish years old and has an indie feel, not a big Hollywood production. It’s not “The Uninvited” or “Angel of Mine” which always pop up when I try to search the description.

Foreign Film about the Afterlife

I’m trying to find a film that I think was Swedish (though I’m not 100% certain of the country of origin) about a man who’s apparently died and is living in a city in the afterlife. Despite being given everything he needs to be happy – job, house, girlfriend – he can’t seem to feel any emotion. Everything is dulled down, even the color schemes in the movie, and he gradually realizes how unhappy he is. Eventually he finds a way to escape, although the movie leaves it up to the viewer to decide what’s really happened to him. I’m thinking this movie is about ten years old, so around 2010 or so.