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Horror: Frozen Monster & Giant Crocodile

Hello everyone! I hope its ok to ask about 2 Movies?!

One movie was a really long time ago, i would guess it was from the 80s, its set in some sort of Ice-/Arctic Station where by accident some sort of Alien/Creature/Monster gets free because somebody forgot a heating blanket or something similar. I remember the bodies of the victims hanging head down from the ceiling and also there were those “sacks” or whatever hanging from the ceiling which contained the babies or breed of that creature. Maybe the bodies were also used as fodder for those “babies”. It is not The Thing! I guess its a movie who just took a lot of elements from The Thing and maybe Alien or even Predator. Maybe it was just a low budget TV production, i really dont remember, searched everywhere on the Internet but cant find it.

The second movie is more recent, and one of those typical trash-movies and i actually only remember one thing from the movie. It was a quiet scene where you simply saw a city, like all the houses etc. then suddenly one foot of that giant crocodile stomps down on the city and just this one foot was sooo over-the-top gigantic that it made me laugh. So it really was super-gigantic. But thats all i remember, lol.

Appreciate any help or thoughts! Thanks!

Some Alien movie???


Im searching for some old Alien/Horror Movie…

Im sure its pre 2000 maybe even pre 1990, and its not! The thing or the alien movies, but a rip-off maybe lol

I remember there was some frozen alien, and through some accident a heating blanket or something causes it to get free, it then kills people and uses the bodies to feed its evil spawn/babies lol ……. and i remember alien sacks/bags hanging from the ceiling, i think thats where the babies came from

something like this or even something similar to this? anyone?

searched this many times but never found anything, who knows might have been some cheap tv-production that has never been seen again lol