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UFO Series Episode or What?

There is an episode I am trying to find that I always thought was from the UFO series (1970).  A human is trying to fight against what I assume is an alien.  The problem is the alien is several seconds ahead in time.  Thus each time he shoots at the alien he misses because the alien is not where he shoots but a few seconds in another position.

In the final battle the alien is driving around in a little car running circles around the main character who shoots and shoots, but the alien laughs because he is always in some other location before the bullets hit. Then the man gets an idea and fires a solid barrage of bullets in a full circle hoping he hits where the alien is going.  The alien is dies and the little car keeps moving slowing in the circle path.   That’s all I remember, but would love to know which episode, or if I have it confused for something else.