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[late 80s to mid 90s] Action movie in a desert setting, possibly post-apocalyptic

This has been haunting me for years now.

I can’t recall exactly when I saw it, I feel it is early to mid 90s max however the movie could be from the 80s.

It was french dub (Quebec, Canada) on a movie channel on cable TV but I’d imagine it was an American movie. Was in color.

What I can remember from it is pretty vague unfortunately but here it is:

-I don’t remember if the whole movie takes place in a desert setting, only the part stuck in my mind.

-There’s a group of at least 3 or 4 people, 2 of them at least girls.  They go to infiltrate/attack some sort of base in a desert setting. I remember railings and scaffolding like structures in that base. They have weapons (guns and such).

-I remember they have some sort of armored vehicle.

-They go to rescue another girl that is important to the plot, she has information or something like that.

-One of the girl might have short golden/orange/red hair (this one is very vague, might be wrong)

-One of the girl had a weird or quirky personality

Can confirm it’s not Cherry 2000.

Thanks in advance!