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60s drive-in funny movie with old actor teaming with younger and getting into trouble

Here’s another drive-in movie I watched as a kid. Only this was kid-friendly. There was an older actor who I thought was Jimmy Durante ( couldn’t find anything  resembling it on line) and he was teamed up with a younger guy. They stole some woman’s car ( I think she was still in it). From what I have pictured in my head, it was a red 1967 or 68 Dodge Polara convertible. I noticed cars even back then. The led the cops (I think) on a car chase and totally destroyed it. All the tires were flat so when they tried to get out, the door scraped on the ground. I remember being upset with that. Was this a dream or a movie?

60s movie I saw as a kid with a disturbing scene I never forgot

I’m not sure why I want to know but, here goes…I think it was at the drive-in. My dad wasn’t into “family movies”, so we saw what he liked mostly. He would tell us to go to sleep but, I didn’t .  Anyway, I remember a guy beating on an attractive woman with the typical 60s bob. He pushed her down the stairs, threw her on the couch, and was pulling hair out from her head. I was mortified. What movie did I see?