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Girl poses as hooker to kill her rapist

Looking for that movie made probably after 2010 where toward the end a foreign, tall skinny girl poses as a hooker to gain access to a military/Dictator type guy’s room to kill him. Background was that as a little girl he killed her parents and took her with him to rape her. He keeps her as a sex play thing for a while, but she somehow survives this and gets away. 15 or 20 years later she’s looking for revenge.

As she gets to his hotel room she is searched for weapons, but has some electrical tape in her purse. When she gets in his room I think there are some bodyguards there. He goes into the bedroom with her to be alone and she goes to the bathroom so she can break a mirror and wraps part of shard of glass with the electrical tape so she can use it as a knife. She hides it behind her bra so he won’t see it when she takes off her dress. He doesn’t recognize her as the now grown girl he raped many years ago. She hesitates to kill him and then he remembers who she is and tells her that she was his favorite little girl that he taught how to be a woman. The goal was to get a confession on video so her ally comes in and convinces her not to kill him yet so they can get his confession. This was a small part of a major plot I think, but I just can’t place the entire movie.