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Zombie/post apocalyptic

Not sure of the year but looked fairly new. Its in another country perhaps the I’m or Australia. It starts with a family in a cabin like house and someone comes screaming and banging and they let the person in. Only for a few minutes after zombies come. The dad leaves the mom behind hops in a boat leaving her to die by zombies. The dad is a scientist of some short I believe also. The kids end up coming back because they finally have safe zones but are told not to cross the bridge into danger areas. The Brother is scared he is forgetting what his mom looks like so they sneak off to find their old house to find a photo. Well the mom is a zombie and is in the house up in the attic and the kid runs. The troops show up to get he kids and get the mom. They tie the mom up in a room the dad goes to see her and eventually kisses her and he gets bit. Once a zombie he seeks out his son and tries to kill him. Eventually everyone starts turning into a zombie and they start killing people from the roof. It’s a mess of a story I can’t remember anything else