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10 Cloverfield Lane partially ripped off from this forgotten film or episode

When I saw 10 Cloverfield Lane, I felt like the plot situation was a close ripoff of a movie, or maybe a TV episode of, for example, the remake Twilight Zone.

A man kidnaps a young woman down into his bomb shelter (maybe by hitting her on the head because there was no time to argue with her) and when she awakens he tells her there’s been a nuclear war.  She’s wary at first then becomes grateful and they’re getting along OK.  Then she finds a shoebox with photographs of her in it from when she was a minor and it comes out that he’s a creep/perv and her dad had threatened the guy.  Thinking she’s being held prisoner in a ruse, she escapes but opens the door to nuclear devastation.  He was a creep, but there really had been a war.

Villain says “Good, more for me” while eating something gross

I’m thinking of a movie that might be about high school or college kids making movies.  One of the films has a fat kid playing a creepy mad scientist villain who is eating something gross from a cup or beaker, maybe raw eggs, or frogs whipped in a blender, can’t remember.  The villain asks the pretty girl that he’s kidnapped whether she’d like some of the preparation and when she declines he says, “Good.  More for me.”  I think, in a fake accent.  From the 80s or 90s maybe.