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The horror movie that I saw as a kid and don’t know the name

So back in the day, when I was a kid, I saw a horror movie. The movie, as I interpret it, was about the boy that his family owns the house and he tries to search a girl, who died a long time ago in that house, where the boy lives know with his family . The boy is trying to find her “soul” (let’s call it like that) across the house and probably its nearby territory. The reason I remembered it was because I watched two scenes and one of them scared me.

The first scene is when the boy is on upper room (house has many stages), where the stairs finish, and she sees that girl, which is trying to kill herself by jumping from the stairs. The boy runs to her, with screaming, to stop her committing suicide, but girl will still make it. There is a brief moment of slow motion of her trying to jump and while she is in the air. The camera shows us the boy (again) that is frightened. After that camera looks again to that girl that already fall from the high stage to the floor. Keep in mind, they are minors (maybe somewhere 8-9 yers old). The was the first scene. Later on, the second scene, which scared me, is as it follows: It’s nighttime. The house is shown on the hill with trees behind and suddenly, in the sky, the red eyes appear (they are opening) and boy, a bit later, wakes up because that was his dream, a nightmare. The film is probably taken in 1990s-2000s due to it’s style. It’s all I can remember. If you’ll find it, I would appreciate it.