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I'm 25 years old I have 2 little boys I live with my boyfriend and my kids and I have a big amazing family I'm a happy person and love doing arts and crafts with the kids. I also am thinking about the arts and crafts my kids and I make maybe starting to sell my crafts on eBay or amazon

Scary movie I need to find

English speaking movie.

watched it around the age of 14 I’m 25 now

it was in color

it was about a girl that gets forced into a basement I think with her boyfriend or a friend and there is a creature the size of a infant or a small animal and it has razor sharp teeth and it’s eyes glow in the dark the girl has to keep away from the creature at one point the girl crawls through a small vent or something to get away from it and the creature follows her into the vent and I think eats her there but I’m not for sure what happens exactly. I believe I may have been a B rated movie, but I’m not for sure.