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This movie about 2 young men terrorizing a family

Hello. I remember seeing this movie around 2010 on HBO maybe.

It was about 2 young guys entering the family’s home and slowly killing them off one by one. The son was shot on accident. The mother was forced to do a provocative dance.

And at the end they take her out to a lake on a boat and toss her off tied to a rock.

It might have been called “the game” or something like it.


Obscure suburban teen movie

I saw this maybe in 2010, but I think it was already a few years old.  I caught it flipping through Showtime.  I don’t know any of the actors or creators of the movie and I can only recall one scene.

It was what I am pretty sure is the ending to the movie, but a mean teenager went into a house in a suburban neighborhood on a sunny day, and got one of his eyeballs slashed or stabbed by a younger boy.  He ran out of the house in pain only to be hit by a car in what was a very cartoony scene where we get a bird’s view of him flying into the air. The camera focuses in on his face and he glances at a far-away airplane leaving contrails in the sky and he says one word or phrase (I don’t remember) before falling back to the ground.

Please and thank you!

Animated Halloween special

I want to say I saw this back around the mid 2000’s.

It was an animated Halloween special told in 3 parts. The first part was about a dead cat that came to haunt the protagonist as a ghost.  The second part was about a group of kids trick-or-treating. The final part was about a bully teaching the main characters to “undress” women with their mind’s eye.

It was a very raunchy and profane cartoon.  I think I saw it on HBO and the first name of the producer/director/writer was Luke.

Thank you for your help!