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People’s levels of powers sorted by color

The movie was about a society where each person was given a different color which represented their level of powers. I think there was five colors, not exactly sure. The lowest color was no powers I think, and if you had any powers you had to go to this special place away from society and they sorted you by color. The main character was a girl who was the highest color, which was extremely rare and extremely powerful, but she somehow kept that fact hidden and pretended to be a lower color because the high color that she had was considered dangerous, so something bad would happen if people knew, I don’t remember what. Eventually she escaped, and a woman who worked there helped her. She then ended up finding this group of other kids who had escaped and had been driving around in a van and she joined them. I think at the end they may have gone to this place where there were all these people with powers, and the main character girl liked this guy who ended up being working for the guy trying to capture them all or something like that.