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Movie in a hospital where all characters are dead but do not know it

I am trying to remember the name of an movie. I can’t remember any of the actors (it may have even been a B film). It was American made, probably 2008-2012. ┬áIt starts with a hospital bomb threat, and a cop is ready to go in and try to diffuse it and catch the bad guys. The entire movie takes place within the hospital. It focuses on 5 or 6 random people who are all stuck in this hospital, running and trying to hide from these “shadows” who they think are these bad guys. At times, there are loud shrieks y hurt all their ears. It almost debilitates them. Turns out that everyone in the hospital has been dead for 20-something years and do not realize it. All of the noises & loud shrieks they’ve been hearing, and shadows they’ve been seeing are actually ghost hunters in the modern day who are trying to contact spirits in this “haunted hospital.” The lead investigator is the daughter of the cop who went in at the beginning of the movie and evidently got killed. They are all able to “cross over” when they are ready to step inside the chapel of the hospital.

I have Googled this for months and cannot find it!