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i need help finding this movie!!

so there’s this movie i remember watching. i don’t remember what it’s called but i remember some scenes. there’s this girl. i believe her name is penny. she has red hair and she lives with her dad since her mom died. she has a locket with a picture of her mom and there’s this scene where she looks at the locket and cries while singing a song. there’s another scene where she is being chased and she hides under a bridge. it’s raining and she successfully hides from the people she was running away from. btw this is like a cartoon. i remember another scene where she’s on a farris wheel. another scene is where she is on a boat with a paddle wheel because her dad has a boat. that’s all i remember but i hope it’s enough to help someone tell me what this movie is called. i have been dying to figure it out. thank you!!