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Old dark horror or sci-fi probably from the 80s with a mysterious man in a black leather jacket with straps riding a motorcycle

Hello again!

So, I saw this as a kid in the 90s, it might have been just a scene, but it made an impression on me.

This movie was very dark, very 80s vibe, potentially futuristic, either sci-fi or horror. Definitely in colour, but I think it was mostly happening during the night. I would think it was in English originally, but this was on a VHS with Czech dabbing.

What I remember was this guy wearing a black leather jacket with these straps or buckles going across it, riding a motorcycle and stopping somewhere to maybe avenge his death or something like that and once he managed to do one bit of his mission, one of these straps released itself. I think the main idea was that once all the straps are open, he will be free.

Maybe he was some sort of spectre as I don’t remember any faces from it, I think he was wearing a black helmet as well, so the whole thing was just really mysterious.

Thank you so much for your help on this.

A very silly 90s comedy where a man is escaping a murder investigation which he is not even a suspect of

Hello everybody!

This is an extremely silly comedy most likely made in the 90s or early 2000s. It had a very Leslie Nielsen vibe, but I don’t think he was in it. Cannot remember any actors from it, sorry. It was in colour and most likely in English in the original sound (I saw it in Czech dabbing originally on TV).

These are the only scenes I can remember:

The escaping protagonist comes to a motel where he sees the murder investigation on the TV there and tells the receptionist his name is “something completely ridiculous” which makes him look suspicious. It’s funny because he is paranoid but they’re not after him.

There is a scene where this crazy hunter guy is in the forest. He catches a rat, breaks it in half and says: “Protein!!”. (Maybe the word was different in English here, not sure.)

Another one was where the camera shows you this guy crawling over a wall with great effort and then the camera pans down and you see it is only like a meter tall.

And lastly, I think there is a scene where they are asking this person about his memories of this accident and he said that when the person started falling down the stars and it sounded like a box of tomatoes falling. Not 100% sure it was in the same movie, but I think so.

Thank you so much for your help on this.