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Movie about a couple in some desert

I remember a scene from this movie where this couple are driving down a long dirt road in the middle of nowhere, when a cop pulls them over. They have a gun in the car and so the woman, who’s in the passengers seat, leans over the guy to answer the window and hide the gun with her legs. I don’t remember what they got pulled over for, but they act as if they’re brother and sister so the woman can try and seduce the cop to get out of a ticket. It works, and I remember some piece of dialogue where the cop tells them that there aren’t any gas stations for a long stretch of time.

I remember also seeing another scene from the movie where they’re in a diner, and another guy in there pulls a shotgun on them after they order. The man pulls out his own weapon on him, and tells him to drop his gun. He does, and he grabs the shotgun and leaves with the woman.

It’s in english, color, and both the man and woman have pretty heavy southern accents.