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Mind-controlling Alien B-Horror at Teens School Break Getaway

So I watched this movie as a kid and have been trying to find it for years. It was on late night HBO or Cinemax and was on rotation some time between ’90 and ’95 but it could have been older. Basic synopsis was a bunch of teens / college coeds go to a swanky cabin over break in the woods next to a pond… ostensibly to drink and engage in copious sexual adventures. Enter alien, stage right to interfere with those plans. Alien is a central body with two long tentacles emerging from its sides. To be honest, it kind of looked like a Boglin if you remember those. It shoots mind-controlling green lasers out of its eyes that it uses to control women in order to mate with them, and the womens eyes glow green to show that they are, in fact, under alien control. It has no use for guys so it eats them.

Some specific scenes I remember:

– When they first get there, one couple jumps right to the fucking and their bed is banging against the wall were the virginal heroes are trying to sleep. They seem upset like they didnt know what was going to be going on.

– After one kill in the pond, the camera shows a scene that proports to be from the aliens POV as it eats its way out of the guys stomach. Cheesy affects included punk chunks being washed off the front of the camera lens.

– After the protagonists kill the alien, they escape in a truck and stop to pick up a dazed young woman on the side of the road. I think she was actually involved in a car crash in the beginning of the movie when the alien first arrives. She gets in the truck and the protagonist notice that the hitchhiker has green eyes. They accuse her of having said color, and the girl says something to the effect of ‘I know, I have always had green eyes’. The protagonists then throw her out of the truck and drive off.

Thank you for your assistance in this very important matter.