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80’s scifi

I walked in on my dad watching an 80’s / early 90’s scifi movie, i only saw a few scenes. I remember that it involves another dimension or a dream world. one scene where the main character sees crying people voluntarily go onto a conveyor belt that feeds them into a giant meat grinder. I seemto remember it invokving the idea of punishment for some sort of sacrilege. It may also involve a “Shrike” like ‘god’ of death

A party where everyone was a monster

The only two scenes I recall were of a young black woman who might have been a vampire about to kill another girl looking away, and the other were the same young girl running away with a young guy being chased by the vampire/monsters, locking themselves in to a car while trying to destroy a ring by lighting it on fire.

When the guy destroys it, every one of the monsters/vampires disappear, including the girl in the car. I saw this movie as a child in the mid 80s but the film could have been older than that. Please help!

Anyone remember an old B&W movie where a guy rents out a flat but hides under floor board and…

… kills the tenants.

Many many years ago when I was about 6 (now over 50) I sneaked and watch a movie after being put to bed. I should not have been watching this movie as I think it was responsible for my claustrophobia. I can’t remember a lot about it except for the fact that a guy rents out a flat but hides under the floorboards and murders the occupants. At the end of the movie he is still under the floorboards when a new couple comes to view the flat. They move a wardrobe and unknowingly trap the guy under the floorboards. I just remember him being trapped in a small space screaming for help.