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Old scary movie about a man with powers, who is the Devil or sort of, and a woman called Morgana.

Hi. I reckon it is a movie from the 80’s or 90’s, a scary one.

This Morgana woman commits a murder, but this powerful man-devil wants to protect her and reach her, so he surrenders himself to the police saying he committed that crime.

Once in jail, he reveals himself as the Devil to his prison mates, and one of them – a skeptical one -, asks him to grant him the wish to let himself get out from jail. He obliges by making him pass through the bars but shattering his body in the process. Naturally the other witnesses are terrified by this.

Another bit that I remember is this man-devil saying to someone something like: “tell Morgana I am waiting longingly”.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Old movie about a worldwide catastrophe of natural disasters and diseases

It’s an old movie, I reckon between 60’s and 80’s, the main character is a scientist, doctor, I believe. The entire world is affected by an epidemia that sets the scientific community to a desperate effort to find solutions. Our brave character leaves home and works restlessly in his laboratory, along with his colleagues. However all efforts run useless while natural disasters also strike the world badly. At the end our scientist too gets sick because of the same epidemia he tried to combat, I remember his hair drops randomly leaving him strangely bald.

The final scene is when already ruined he returns home after some weeks or months and he finds it destroyed and some people living in the ruins, he tries to expel them, but they beg him to allow them to say, and offer him a fruit, which at that point is a very valuable possession, he decides to stay there with them, they cry hugging each other, and the film ends.

A voice or letters appear at the end stating that this film is released in order to remember the world the possible consequences of the questionable way we are managing the planet.