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[MOVIE][2000s] Please help to find this movie which I have been trying to recall

I watched this film (maybe USA) via DVD, probably around the age of 14 -15. The film might start with a blonde (nude) girl (main female actor) is being taken photoshoot by a photographer. She is wearing 2 – 3 pearl chains.
Next scene is that a man wearing sleeping robe, is about to finish reading book while waiting for main female actor from shower, and then they start having adult thing.
Another scene is a woman (with green dress) is coming to the office of another man and then they start doing the adult thing on his office desk (maybe they are cheating from other).
The movie DVD cover is that the main female actor (mostly in nude) is turning her head and looking back, not sure if the movie is Seduction or something.
I have tried to search it for a while but could not find the exact answer. Appreciate if you could help. Thanks!