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Stop animation movie with naked barbie dolls/action figures from the 80’s?

Yeah so this is really bizarre. It could be an independent short film or full movie but I doubt it was a tv show as it had naked dolls haha. I remember my older brothers watching it and laughing. I was watching too but they didn’t know or they would have made me leave. So I was little. I want to say it’s from the 80’s or early 90’s

What I basically remember: There was a nice family of dolls living in a house when another group of bad dolls came and kicked them out of it. The nice family landed in trash or something? Then the Bad Dolls had a house party/orgy? with loud music and it cut to shots of a barbie dolls butt going up and down (to insinuate intercourse?). I know, very freaking weird! So probably rated PG13 or worse?  Anyway, somehow the Nice Dolls returned to the house and when they did the party music stopped. All the dolls then started fighting each other in a huge brawl. I think the nice dolls won.

Here are some details:

-It was in color

-Stop Animation. Definitely NOT real people acting or a cartoon.

-I’m confident some of the dolls were Ken/Barbie doll brand (I think they used a few african american/non caucasian barbie dolls too)

-Some or all of the dolls were naked at one point or the whole time?

-From the 80’s or EARLY 90’s

-I don’t remember any dialogue but I do recall music and Sound efx. (maybe it didn’t have any dialogue? maybe just music and sound efx?)

-I’m from SLC Utah. So maybe it was a weird short from the Sundance Film Fest?

Any info would be appreciated!