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A couple visits a small town to interview a recluse artist known for painting penises

I think I saw this movie within the last 10 years and it was new at the time.  A couple travel from New York or some big city, because the girlfriend or maybe both of them are to interview some recluse artist. I think he’s famous for including penises in all of his artwork. The town happens to be the same town that the boyfriend grew up in or close to it at least. He is reminded of his roots which are completely different from what his lifestyle is now. I remember one scene in which his friends/family asks him to sing a hymn he used to sing often. I think they girlfriend is bothered by this. I can’t remember who any of the actors are, but the leading male may look like Paul Rudd?  I looked at his IMDb profile, but couldn’t find the movie.  Thank you for your help.