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Chihua turns into dragon

My children rented a kid’s movie from Redbox sometime between 6-10ish years ago that we are all vaguely remembering. Young male maybe middle school age, has female best friend. He’s kidnapped by a blue troll/goblin who does some weird dance sequence in the sewers. We think we remember the blue creature never speaks.  Blue guy winds up being a good guy. Lots of potions in the film. A truth potion is taken by the boy at some point, too. So at the end, back at their school there is a chihuahua that belongs to an evil witch like lady who gives it a potion to drink and the chihuahua turns into its true form of a dragon type thing.

Girl Goes to underground party gets lost in tunnels and scared by people with masks

A group of friends convince Another ‘sort of’ friend who is female to attend an underground rave. She gets separated from them And is scared by people wearing           ?Animal masks? There are tunnels. She decides to fight back with whatever was handy ?An axe? After she kills a few people the friends tried to tell her it is just a joke. She then kills them anyway because she is different somehow or just scared.

I saw this movie maybe 5 years ago. In color. It is in English And some other language possibly. Maybe she was visiting a foreign country. The prominent animal mask was a ram maybe.


Creature in a park

i probably watched this movie about 20 years ago. It has bugged me for years and years to figure it out. I’ve tried searching endlessly with no luck.  I only remember a tiny bit.  It’s a very fuzzy memory.

I remember a scene where this short little troll like thing was running and hiding in a park at night from people I think. Then I remember the creature being with a man and talking to him. He actually rides in the car with him and puts on his sun glasses . For some reason I want to think the police or some kind of authority was after the little guy.

PLEASE HELP. This drives me crazy.