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kid says 123 wake up when scared in 1980s-1990s movie

“123 wake up, 123 wake up” the kid repeats thinking he’s having a nightmare, but he’s not and something scary is happening. Something pretty heavy. Impossible to search for because of some brightly colored, cheerful tv show where they say that a lot. Likely a 1980s movie or early 90s movie which also makes it hard to search for. Not entirely sure the kid was male, but I think so.

Movie about people losing fingers to a machine…..

I used to watch this movie in the 90’s, on VHS, I am sure the movie was pretty old at that point. We owned it and I can not find it and no one else in my family remembers it.

It took place in a factory, or laundry facility with very large machines. A lot of people working there had lost fingers or were hurt or even killed by the machines.

It would seem that once you lost a finger to the machine you became a part of it as the machine was possessed?

One of the male workers left (main character) and stopped working there, he came back as he was in love with a female employee and she too was missing a finger and possessed by the machine.