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Please help

This is a long shot, but maybe somebody can help. I am having a problem remembering a particular action/crime/thriller type movie. It was probably released between 1995 and 2005. I don’t remember the details of the storyline, but it has to do with an undercover/FBI agent. About all I can remember is the beginning of the movie, it starts off during a bank robbery in progress and the undercover cop had infiltrated a father/son duo and was part of their group, there may have been a bigger gang, but I just remember the father/son. The bank is surround by cops and the gang and the undercover (UC) cop are holding the customers of the bank hostage. The UC cop is still undercover he tries to talk them out by getting the gang to surrender without getting killed but the son does get killed because the father is pushing him to not surrender. The cop feels responsible and this incident haunts him later in the movie. The father/son are sort of the neo-nazi type and the UC looks pretty “redneckish” during the robbery but I think he cleans up later in the movie. For some reason I keep thinking that Bruce Willis plays the cop but I don’t think its him because I could not find a movie in his filmography that fit the description. Does anyone have any idea which movie I am talking about? It has been driving me crazy. I can almost see the lead actor in my head but can’t quite put my finger on it.

Soft Shoe in Restaurant Help

There is a dancer who normally where’s clown makeup and dances in a restaurant. No one pays attention to him. One day he doesn’t put on the makeup for some reason and does a sad soft shoe routine where he pours salt/sugar on the floor and dances. In my memory it is Gene Kelly but I don’t think it really is him. For the life of me I cannot find this movie/scene! Help me, oh wise internet sleuths!

Dripping Water, Circus, Woman trapped in Car

In 2002/2003 I saw a movie on TV that didn’t look like it had ever been on the big screen.  It was in color.  It was a psychological thriller.

From what I remember, it had a recurring theme of dripping water.  The main character was a woman who had a traumatic incident involving a man at a circus when she was a child.  (The following is a bit fuzzy in my mind):  I believe at the end, it’s revealed that she is fully grown and locked in the trunk of a car that has gone into the water.  The dripping water throughout the movie is invading her memories/dreams as the water fills the car.

movie about convict redemption

I remember seeing this movie in the early 2000s. A former convict is released from prison. He lives alone in a sort of run down apartment. It’s based in LA or California. He befriends a young black kid and basically mentors him. I believe this film was made in the mid to late 90s.

Horror-slasher at a drive in movie

I saw this movie at a drive in theater very late 70s one scene had a corpus stuff in a drink dispensing machine a large lady walks up puts in her coins a cup drops and blood flows into the cup she grabbed the cup takes a drink spits and throws the cup down mumbling about how they need to clean the machine. Then towards the end of the movie there are bodies pinned up on the screen with blood running down. Sorry but that’s all I remember.

Like Tetsuo But Not(?)

I was a kid. It was the early ’90s. I was flipping channels late one night, and a nearby Canadian TV station was showing (almost certainly) movies (as opposed to TV, but who can say for sure).

Y’know “Tetsuo the Iron Man” ? That Japanese, B&W horror sci fi film?

I saw this scene on TV years ago, also in B&W, with a character suffering from conduit-looking-things rocketing out of their skin. Very graphic, even for TV. The sound design was DISGUSTING, and great. It freaked out little-kid-me for ages.

Years later, I thought I found it at last when I saw “Tetsuo The Iron Man”, but as I watched the film, that scene from my late-night-childhood-tv-exploration memory never came up….