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Dream of hugging/kissing? someone

It been driving insane. I have this vague memory, but I’m not sure if it’s a movie, a tv show episode, or even a book. Whatever it is I’m positive it was in English and if it was a film or episode it had to be in color. Here’s what I can recall.

It was of a person (can’t recall what gender) who had this reoccurring dream of hugging or kissing (but I’m leaning more to the hugging part) someone (not sure who) but everytime they were about to hug/kiss them they suddenly wake up. Then at the end they finally got to hug/kiss them. When they woke up they felt so relieved, I think they even started to cry.

That’s all I can remember.

Gangster/Mob movie

I remember this movie, it’s some sort of gang movie where a man has a good life with his wife and child, when a drive by kills the wife(I don’t remember if the kids dies too) and the man wants revenge so he goes after them. In the end there a big gunfight in a mansion where the mob boss lives and the dad kills the leader and all the gang guys kinda respect him and it’s almost like he becomes the boss. Please help this is killing me!

Movie about a woman who could cook that’s giving my a stroke because I can’t find it ANYWHERE

I have no idea when I watched it. I saw it on TV with my mom (who also doesn’t remember the title). I’m not sure who starred in it but I think it might have been a Latina actress?

The plot went like this: the main character could cook really well. A man broke her heart (I think) and she decided to sacrifice a cake to the ocean and pray to have her cooking skills taken away from her. The ocean listened and she could no longer cook.

There was a scene with a TV cooking show where she couldn’t cook to save her life. At the end of the movie she wanted to get her gift for cooking back and sacrificed another cake to the ocean.

It sounds so stupid when I’ve written it down but I hope somebody knows the title.

Old Hollywood movie


I saw an old movie possible on the Turner Classic movies channel.

It was a black and white old movie. There was a group of young men who are petty thieves / gangsters. The protagonist is also one of them. He may possible be an Italian actor ( or playing an Italian character). There is a girl who runs a cafe / diner or works at one and she teaches them and gives them basic education. The main character also starts to learn and eventually they fall in love. It was a light hearted movie.

70s Shrinking Kids movie?

I’ve been trying to find the name of a movie about kids being shrunk that I saw at the saturday matinee, it would’ve been mid to late 70s. Much later on when i first heard about Honey I shrunk the kids, i remember thinking: that’s the same plot as the film i saw as a child.

I did a ton of research but haven’t been able to find it. I did find the TV show Dr Shrinker from that period which does have the same scene of shrunk kids running through the grass, but i strongly recall that the kids were shrunk by some kind of chemical they ate, not a shrinking ray. I think it was green.

I’m wondering if it might’ve been a foreign language movie that was dubbed, perhaps Italian. It feels like it was one of those live action Disney titles from the period but i went through the whole back catalogue and didn’t see it.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, it’s driving me nuts! Thanks.

Weird movie where girl kills her grandmother

So this movie I saw when I was little (around 2002) that my mom loved to watch involved this girl who’s grandmother treated her badly so she killed her by letting all the air out of her oxygen tank. Another part of the movie I remember was the girl getting a job at this office (she killed the first choice they hired so she could get the job) and she rubs peanuts on some bread to give it to her coworker (who’s allergic to peatnuts). Once she starts asphyxiating, she dangles her epi-pen in front of her and watches her die. I can also remember her cutting her grandmothers hand and putting it in a jar but I could be mistaken about that part. The movie was in color, my mom had it on VHS and it may have came out before 2002. My dad swears it’s an old lifetime movie but I’m not so sure. It’s not ‘Devil in the Flesh’ and it’s not ‘Secretary’ cause I don’t remember Rose McGowan or Maggie Gylenhaal in the film.