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School movie helpp

Hello I need a help… Does anyone know which movie is this… I watched it 6/7 years ago on TV… and all I can remember about plot is there is shorthaired (blonde??) girl that goes to school on beach and everbody calls her a sl*t cause “she slept with few men”… her best friend turns against her and now she have only one male friend (or maybe it’s relative too) (blonde) who believes her (scene: they are sitting on the beach and he tells her that he believes her)… he also help her to record (he hides in the school closet) how her ex best friend is terrible person… at the end he shows that video to everyone on some beach party (i think)… and i think it ends that she’s been raped by that men cause her “best” friend left her at the party

few more scenes that i randomly remember: boys training for swimming competition, swimming competition, the girl have a fight with mum (and their relationship isn’t the best), she is sitting on the window smoking, and i remember that she came to school one day and all school had her poster with word sl*t

Yeah i remember only some parts but i hope someone knows, i’ve been searching for this movie for 5 years and still haven’t find any traces

Thank you for any info!

Highschool bully movie on the beach

So i can only remember some scenes from that movie. I know that movie is about girl, with short blonde hair, in school/highschool who was accused to be slut something like that (everybody think that she was sleeping with many boys).

One scene is that her girl enemies (i think brown hair girl) was posting her picture with slut sign all over the school, another scene is the maine girl sitting on window and smoking, scene with some kind of swimming competition, the movie is mostly happening on the beach and at the end we find out that girl was actually raped on party (by journalist??) (and her friend left her on party or something like that).

And snother scene she have one real friend and they were sitting on the beach… and also scene where that enemie friend is filming her having conversation (i dont know with who).

I think it’s older movie but not full old. And the main girl and her mum were not in good relationship through movie.

I am looking for this movie for like 3 years and I can’t find it, so for any help thank you!