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Vampire Girls?

So there was this movie, I believe, from a while ago that I watched with my dad. It was really late at night and I was a toddler, so it might not be accurate, but it stays in my mind all the time. This had to be a movie from 2004 or sooner. It reminded me of Coyote Ugly or like Man of the House with how the girls were dressed/how many girls they were. I only remember they were in/around a hot tub that had a western like feel. It had a wooden frame around it with potentially an animal skull. I really swear they were vampires because I vaguely remember them biting some guy’s neck. I could very well be making this up, but I just needed to see if anyone knew what I was talking about. I can’t find anything that roughly matches up with it, so it may not even be a movie. If you know though, please help me out!