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East Asian short film about a Mynah Bird

From what I recall Channel 4 in the UK screened this 30min film more than once in the 80s. I believe it was in Cantonese and was listed as “The Mynah Bird”. A group of kids has a pet mynah bird called “Saw Gaw” that they love. Saw Gaw dies and they are bought a replacement, but they don’t want it as “We want Saw Gaw”. But eventually they learn to love the new bird for itself. The thing is even though I am sure of the title I cannot find any reference to this film by searching for the plot, so perhaps it went under another title. I’m also wondering if I was correct in thinking it was in Cantonese. Any ideas?

The Ultimate Orgasm, supplied by computer

I never saw this film, but read about it in a historical guide to sci-fi films borrowed from the library in the 1980s, so it is no newer than that. A man hooks himself up to a computer that he invented, which due to being able to read his responses can give him an ever more intense orgasm. As a result he loses interest in real-life sex, and ultimately the climax is so strong that it kills him. I don’t think it’s Brainstorm as the guy doesn’t die in that and the idea isn’t quite the same. It could be from any country. Any ideas? Thanks!

A film or TV mini-series about a cult

Colour, possibly made for TV in the 1970s or 80s. In English. The one scene I remember was when the cult leader, a small, skinny elderly but healthy guy with no hair and dark eyebrows, dressed in white, visits the cult chapter personally, and all the young people there are enthralled. There were black and white banners simply with his picture on all round the room. I think it centred around the family if a young person who had been drawn into the cult trying to get them out, and if I recall was done in an almost documentary 16mm style more akin to Canadian output than US. It’s not Split Image or Ticket To Heaven, which don’t have the same cult leader.