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a film from the 2000s, about ghosts, mummies and other supernatural creatures

And so, as it was said in the title, this film was released around the 2000s, at least at that very moment in time I saw it on TV in Russian dubbing. I don’t remember a full-fledged plot, but the plot is something like this: the action takes place in some kind of castle, in which preparations for a banquet are underway or something like that, at which the main character is present.
Here are the scenes from which I remember this movie

1) The ghost inhabits the main character and tries to take control of his body, but the main character takes a kettle and starts drinking boiling water, the ghost gets hot and leaves the main character’s body, after which a dialogue follows between them.

2) The main character communicates with some girl and holds a bouquet of flowers behind his back and wants to give it to her, but the ghost replaces the bouquet of flowers with a sausage stick, which is why the main character gets into a ridiculous situation. (I’m not sure about the presence of this scene).

3) The main character and the ghost are riding together in a carriage through the forest, to the “land of ghosts”, I do not know what to call this place. On the way there, they accidentally knock down a mummy, which loses its arm from the blow, but does not notice this and leaves. The main character and the ghost take this hand with them and continue on their way.

4) Arriving at the entrance to the “ghostland”, they see a small barn or an outdoor village toilet. Once inside, they find themselves in a huge room in which they need to confirm their identity as a supernatural being. The ghost passes this test without problems, and the main character uses the hand of a downed mummy, and pretends to be her.

That’s all I managed to remember about this movie, oh yes, it’s in color, not black and white. Due to my young age, I will not remember the actors. Due to the fact that I watched it in Russian, I can’t say in what language the film was in the original.