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90’s Thriller Movie w/ 3 Different Stories

Hi everyone,


I hope you can help me find this movie that I’ve been trying to find ever since I learned how to surf the internet.


Here are some details of the movie:

-Am fairly certain it’s a movie coz I remember watching it on HBO around late 90’s – early 00’s (could be a direct-to-video movie though)


-The movie is divided in 3 different stories (could be related in terms of theme, which I think is betrayal, but definitely not related in terms of plot)


-The 1st story is about couples betraying each other, the 2nd story is the one I remember the most which is about a guy getting trapped in a hospital but only to find out in the end it’s actually a mental hospital, and the 3rd story I totally don’t remember


-1ST STORY: I remember it’s about 2 couples on vacation or something and they’re not exactly good people coz I think they were doing drugs and have guns in their possession


-1ST STORY: Can’t remember what exactly happened but they were constantly on and off with loyalty and betrayal with each other


-1ST STORY: I think the twist is the guy from 1 couple and the girl from the other couple are actually the ones truly in a team and they killed their respective partners if am not mistaken


-2ND STORY: This one is the reason why I actually watch this movie, it’s about a guy who I think was filling gas in his car late at night, then an aggressive dog (forgot the breed, but definitely one that can kill) chased him


-2ND STORY: He tried escaping and eventually landed in what seems to be a hospital, and I believe there was an attractive nurse that took care of him (I think he got violently bitten by the dog)


-2ND STORY: Twist is it’s actually a mental hospital and the crazy people have already murdered the actual staff and they’re just acting as if they’re hospital employees (including the attractive nurse)


-2ND STORY: I remember the end scene is they eventually murder the guy by drugging him and cutting up his chest


-3RD STORY: I can’t remember if I’ve actually watched the 3rd one coz really the 2nd story is what got me hooked, the only thing I remember is at the start a lady was walking home to her apartment with I think a black cat following her


That’s pretty much all I can remember. I’ve been trying to find movies with 3 different stories on Google but I can’t find anything. I think I’m messing up the keywords that I should use. Anyway, hope someone can help me. Thanks so much!