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“Creature” horror movie (e.g. like The Relic or Razorback) from the 80’s or 90’s, probably an adaptation from some Stephen King’S book or a…

… similar author.

What I remember from this movie is that the creature is something like a giant bat. In the final acts, they are inside something like a coal mine, and while chasing the main character, its tail gets stuck in a stone crusher machine. The main character turns on the machine and the creature gets crushed.

As I mentioned in the title the movie felt much like an adaptation of a S. King’s book or alike, with MId/low budget.

80’s or 90’s movie about a former car mechanic that tries his luck as a race pilot and finds a great rivalry in his teammate.

During some tests there is a fatal accident on a sortĀ of Indy racing team.

A former genius mechanic tries his luck on the wheel by applying to the new vacancy and finds a strong opposition from his teammate, who is a more talented pilot. The mechanic screws up by his lack of ability when switching gears and finally stands down and gives to his teammate the advice as a mechanic (I think he suggests to change the fuel mixture) to give him better performance and end up winning the race against the favorite French star.