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A fluorescent Rock from outer space

These are the things I remember from the movie :

1. A group of Asian kids get this rock that glows fluorescent green

2. After touching this rock kids get magical powers

3. One of the kid’s walls on walls

4. The rock has some kind of healing powers

5. Mostly this was a kids movie

6. I don’t exactly remember but I watched this movie in the 1980s(after 1985 I think)

An old Chinese movie

What is the name of the movie, I just remember the following parts, since I think I watched this movie 22 to 25 years ago when I was a Kid. Following are the pointers :

  1. A Chinese Kid get a Glowing “Flurosent” Green stone/rock.
  2. He carries it in his backback
  3. He can walk on walls when is has it with him.

This is all I can remember, I dont know if it was a Hollywood movie or movie from China. But the main cast were Chinese.