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Horror movie about a woman turning into centipede

I’m trying to find the title of this horror movie. I saw it on TV in early 90’s (possibly late 80’s). It was in color. I don’t remember the original language. I think the cast was mostly white, so it’s probably US or European.

The scene I remember best is that a woman’s fingers started twitching uncontrollably and kind of stuck together and started resembling a centipede’s legs.

Two other scenes I’m 90% sure are from the same movie are: (1) the same woman is in a hospital giving birth, but instead of a baby, it’s a large centipede. Then she wakes up and realizes it was just a dream; and (2) at the end of the movie I think she ended up turning into a giant centipede.

I remember the word “scolopendra” (a type of centipede) used in the movie, although it might have been a translation artifact.

I know about “The human centipede” and that’s not it. The movie I’m looking for is much older; it was a single human turning into a single centipede; and the centipedes in the movie were real-looking (i.e. not stitched out of multiple humans).

Any help would be appreciated.