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Superhero-journalist with Gangster boss with hard to pronounce name and double-headed pistol adopts name blood-something

I am having a weird moment where I can’t remember who the primary protagonists and the primary antagonists are, but I remember some side characters and a few scenes…I would really appreciate if any one of you can help me out. I saw this I’d say around 2 years ago, and it was on the plane so by then it already left theaters if it was a new release…pretty sure it was a new movie

The first scene I remembered was this old gangster guy stepped out of a car carrying a suitcase walking into a fancy building. He sits down in a room with the (casino I think)’s boss, “Danny”, and is apparently there to display his authority in the turf because this guy is running a business in his turf without his consent/involvement. The Danny guy makes fun of him, mocking his age and his “boringness”, and his name (which I remember is hard to pronounce and has the syllable -Judd)…and insinuates that he needs a catchier name like a superhero (I think he referred to the protagonist), which genuinely bothered the gangster (which is comical). He also flaunts about how he dresses his bodyguards beside him with name brands such as Gucci and etc….only for them to suddenly be gunned down by the boss with his double-headed pistol, and he sincerely asks “danny” if the pistol is boring, and said it was really hard to make. Danny was piss-scared at this point and begged to be spared, saying he will spread the word on how great he is if he lets him live. To this, the gangster leader “spares” him by walking out of the building…only to blow it up with the suitcase bomb seen in the beginning which he left in the room.

I also remember he’s not the “main villain”, but that he joined forces with the main villain (which I also forget who), and is now quickly taking over the city thanks to that…he also ended up adopting the monicker Blood-anotherpartofhisname, there was a scene where the protagonist is trying to steal back/destroy some files from the news office which is closed or something? I remember a theme where this blood-something guy who now dons a mask has the Protagonist pinned down on the ground in a dark/dimly lit journal office with his double-headed pistol…and the superhero theme somehow connects me to the fact that the Protagonist was some kind of super hero, but I remember it also being not very surprising when he was pinned down by a guy with no super powers other than a doubleheaded gun…so he was either not very strong or the power was new to him and he’s not yet proficient at using it. I also seem to vaguely remember that a car/motorcycle or some kind of vehicle managed break through the windows in the building and crash into blood-something which caused his demise.

I unfortunately don’t quite have any actor names…I can only recall that the guy who portrayed “blood-something” is an American actor and I was so surprised since he had such a convincing slavic(?) accent in his role…his name MIGHT start with Gary, but I can’t find him

I know I know it’s pretty dumb I don’t remember the protagonist or the antagonist…but I think that goes to show how much this character struck me





HELP find a movie i saw on TV1000 many years ago and it has haunted me ever since

I didn’t see it from the beginning, for me it started with 2 dudes who tied up a girl in their apartment, but it seemed like it was an accident and they wanted to make her feel better so they gave her some pie or cake or something like that, but it was meant for them and was poisoned. The girl died and they wanted to get rid of the body. They drove to a frozen lake to dump it.

When they arrived they cut a hole in the lake and attached some weight to the body so it would sink. After pushing the girl in one dude noticed that he was tied to the girl as well (friend tried to get rid of him too). He didn’t drown and they started fighting and noticed that some old lady was staring the whole time.

They chased her in the woods, but lost her. The lady had climbed a tree and started throwing cat food at them. One guy took the can and threw it back at her. It hit her in the head and she died. Then they went to some house, but i don’t remember what happened there.

When they were driving back home they got into a fight and one friend got out of the car and walked home. When he got home his friend was tied to a chair by this guy who was trying to kill them all along. Then all shit hit the fan everybody died “by accident”, even the neighbor was involved who was taking a shit apparently and heard the banging of someones head on the water pipe, went to check on them and got shot in the head by accident. After the dust had settled the guy who arrived home, was like fuck it and jumped out of the window.

90’s anime

so all I remember about this movie is that it was in the late 90s and I can only remember the ending, the two characters wrapped their hands up but left just enough rope to throw a punch but they bit their thumbs wiped a line of blood on thee others face and started fighting. it was on at like 3 in the morning so I assume it was on cartoon network but other then that I have nothing to go on any help would be great

two independent black and white movies or shorts

I’m looking for two things I saw pieces of somewhere between maybe 15 and 20 years ago on IFC. I don’t know if they were feature length or just short films. Both were black and white, but were not old films.

The first one features a twenty-something couple apparently on a long drive on a two lane highway. At one point, the kinda curly, dark-haired girl is asleep and dreaming in the passenger seat, and her dream sequence involves stomping grapes for wine. It’s a bit slow-motion with weird dream music, and the camera angle is a bit from below and you can see that she’s wearing nothing under her dress. She wakes from the dream disgusted by a gross smell, which turns out to be the liverwurst sandwich her boyfriend is eating and he offers her a bite. She declines, of course, because she’s disgusted and annoyed. At some other point, they’re stopped and outside of the car, and she’s singing an awful made-up song with the words “love in the desert.”

The second one I’m looking for, I caught the end of like three times, and that’s all I’ve seen. It appears to be about girls in school, about 12 or 13 years old. I remember that they had kind of bold make-up, like really dark lipstick, but that could just be the saturation and contrast of the black and white film choice. The last scene is of one girl sitting under a tree writing in her journal with the last line being “…and life goes on.” Then she gets up and walks…home, or back to school, or something.