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Mother reunited with daughter given up at birth

A mother gives up her daughter at birth and places a star in her basket. About 10 years later she meets a little girl with long blond hair, the little girl has the star and the mother realizes it is her own daughter.  The little girl places the star on the top of the christmas tree.  I thought the name of the movie was “the christmas star”, but this movie never comes up in a search.  It was a made for tv movie.

Fake kidnapping and ransom

Saw the English speaking, in color movie maybe 10 years ago, or more.  Could have rented the movie or it was shown on tv. One of the thugs was blond as I recollect. Took place in a modern city, with an above ground commuter train.

A young woman with short dark brown hair is accosted by a group of thugs on a commuter train or bus. A handsome man comes to her rescue and helps her with her dropped bag. He gets to know her and eventually marries her, much to her wealthy father’s dismay. The father does not trust him. The husband is later “kidnapped” and held for ransom. The woman wants her father to pay the ransom. One day, when she is riding on a commuter train, the train makes one of its stops, and she sees her husband sitting and conversing with the same thugs that accosted her.  They do not see her. She realizes she has married a con man and she turns the tables on him. (Also I think she finds out he has another wife.)