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Sister gets raped in Mexico

Hey there, it is a movie from the 80s/90s and all I truly remember is the location/setting and one one single scene.h

The scene in question depicts a trailer park of sorts in a sunny desert area (maybe mexico – kind of like “from dusk till dawn” now that I think of it ) , in which a brother and sister try to hide from some mexican (?) pursuers.

I dont know if a whole family is involved in some kind of debt which those goons try to extort.

So, next to the setting and persona involved I only know this one scene in which the siblings kind of try to smart out their enemy, and somehow the sister gets captured (on her own free will as part of a strategy so the brother can get help?) and also gets brutally raped in the process.

Next to the hills have eyes I never saw a movie actually taking on this kind of topic but here we were.

The title was something short and mexican maybe. A name of sorts. Bandera, bondora, something like that I think. Maybe I dreamed this mess up.