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Hateful Guy in Small Town America.

There is a film I never saw but heard about through a friend.  Whereby there is this big guy despised by the people in his town, for reasons I don’t know.  He is unpopular and drives a black pickup.  I think he was played by the actor who played the sheriff in First Blood.  The townsfolk gang up on him and I think he gets murdered.

Flash Gun Killer

I’m trying to find the name of a film, whereby a killer is bumping people off; he/she uses a high power flash gun, possibly attached to a camera to stun the victim, rendering them helpless.  They become delirious and unable to defend themselves.  It was in colour, either 1980s or 1970s.  English Language.

Graphic Unknown Euro Movie

The film revolved around a woman who is abused by her boyfriend.  It had English Subtitles, and explicit.  In one scene, he forces her to submit to oral sex in a misty woodland; whereby she responds by slashing him down below with a hairpin, he collapses on the ground and she runs off.  Another scene, at the end; he speeds down a road on a motorbike and collides with a delivery van, which hits him side on.  He is left sprawled on the road, motionless; possibly dead.