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Weird Vampire Movie

I saw this movie I think around 2010, and I’m sure it was in English. It went like this – a scientist works in his house to create….something. I seem to recall it was some kind of living being that took up his entire room. He had a female assistant who came and went. At some point he contracts some kind of vampiric affliction. His assistant gives him her blood. I vaguely recall that the monster/machine had weird spikes on it. It’s been driving me nuts so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Bad guy uses weird weapon to remove hearts

I remember watching this movie in the early 90s, pre 94. In colour and in English. There are only 2 scenes I remember . The first one is in a seedy underground club or bar, and a man and a woman play a game where they’re strapped into chairs and have to control a ball of energy (i think) using joysticks. Pretty sure the woman loses and is killed. They take her away to harvest her heart (I think). Second scene is when a couple gets stopped outside a club, maybe the same one. The guy gets stabbed immediately, and the bad dude uses some kind of weird multibladed knife to stab the girl and remove her heart.