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Children’s drawn cartoon with man who lived in a wooden house in the snow?

I don’t remember too much of this, however I probably watched it in around 2005/06 when I was very young. It was a colour British children’s cartoon which was drawn in a way that now makes me think of the old Winnie the Pooh movies (but I don’t think it was that as there were no human characters except for Christopher Robin). I’m pretty sure it was a movie. I only remember a few parts- there was a man who wore a brown flatcap and he lived in a small wooden house. It was snowing a lot and I think he walked home but I remember there was footprints in the snow. He got home and had a tea and cookie, which he dropped in the drink so he said something along the lines of “come back” and he couldn’t get it out. This is really random but I always remember it for some reason and wonder what it is?