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Anyone recognize this scene?

I don’t remember the plot to this movie. But there is this scene where this teenage boy comes to this girl’s house to take her on a date. He is greeted by her father, who is a large man. I could be wrong, but I think here father was played by Ron Karabatsos. Anyway the father introduces the boy to his sons and daughters. One of his son’s names is Frank. The father asks the boy what they will be doing on their date. The boy says they are going out for some sushi. The father says that the girl likes home cooked meals. The boy says , ” I can smell it from here.” The father says, “You’re going to eat it here” implying that they will eat dinner at the house. After they finish dinner, the father shakes the boys hand giving him approval to take his daughter out. Does this sound familiar?

super hero movie or short from the 80’s

So this was either a super hero movie or some kind of short from the 1980’s. I saw this on TV or video in July of 1987 if that helps with the time frame. This single mother is getting physically abused by her boyfriend and she tries to hide it from her yer young son. One night the boyfriend slaps the mother in front of her son. The boyfriend then attacks both of them. Suddenly, this super hero comes in and either kills or severely injurs the boyfriend. Does this sound familiar?

Does this sound familiar

I saw this in July of 1987. There are two men in a fenced-in field. One man is talking and backing the other man up. The other man is walking backwards. The man who is talking is saying something about spending 30 years in prison. Finally, the man walking backwards is backed up against part of the fence. I don’t remember anything after that. I thought it was “From Noon Till Three” but I don’t think so.

disturning scene that has been driving me crazy

I saw this around 1986. I used to think it was an episode of Little House on the Prairie, but now I think it was a movie. I think it took place a long time ago. There is a new boy at a school. At recess, the kids form a circle around him. A girl bully forces him to pull down his pants. She even says “down with the undies.” And they all look at him with his underwear down. The girl bully says “And we are going to do this tomorrow, the next day, and the next.” Anyone remember this?

wacky alien movie

I saw this movie during the daytime in 1988. I think it was an alien invasion comedy film. There were two men and a woman driving around in an alien invasion. The scene I remember the most is they got hungry and decided to go to “Burger World.” They got to the drive thru and were arguing about what to order. The male driver, who was clearly the leader of the group, finally order ed three burgers, three fries and three soda shakes. He repeated it a couple of times, but the guy taking their order was killed by an alien. The three then go in the restaurant to investigate. They are about to leave and the woman says “But we didn’t get our order.” The lead male yanks her away and the scene ends.

Anyone remember this disturbing movie?

I only remember one scene, but it was pretty disturbing. This little boy is away somewhere; it may have been a boarding school, but I ‘m not sure. He is in a locker room surrounded by a bunch of older boys. After antagonizing him, they pick him up and put him into a corner and then proceed to go to the bathroom (number one) on him. He is left sitting there dripping wet. It’s always bothered me. Does that sound familiar?

Anyone remember this TV movie?

I saw this on Lifetime Movie Network in 20013, so it was either a Lifetime original or just a made for TV movie. A woman is happily married with two children. However, her ex-husband is a college professor but also a deranged pedophile who has faked his own death. Her ex-husband comes back to stalk her two children and kidnaps them. There is a disturbing scene where the pedophile chases the son around a basement. When he catches him he says, “Like my father used to say to me, what are you going to do now buddy boy?  He almost throws the daughter from a roof but then he is caught. Does this sound familiar?

80’s stalker movie

Does anyone remember this one? A young single woman has to testify against this deranged psychopathic serial killer. Unfortunately, the jury lets him off. So he starts stalking her. The stalker kills her elderly neighbor when he tries to stop him from breaking into her apartment. He even breaks in and kills her cat. I remember the detective trying to protect her was an African American man. I want to say this was out around 1987 or so.

wierd film from FLIX in the 90’s

I don’t think this film was ever in the box office, but it could have been an indie film. It was aired on FLIX in March of 1997. Here goes. This gay guy is in a prison cell with this big guy with a Spanish accent. The gay guy is reiminsing about meeting some guy he had a crush on. The gay guy remembers meeting the guy in a restaurant. He was the gay guys’ waiter. I remember the gay guy saying, “That sad smile; that white shirt.” He and the waiter became friends. The waiter was married with children. At a later point, the Spanish guy got a bad of diareah and the gay guy helped him. Does anyone remember this?

Anyone remmeber this special from HBO?

This was a special that aired on HBO in the late summer of 1986. Actually, I think it may have been either an After School Special or an episode of Insight that was rerun on HBO. I’m not sure if I’m remembering two different specials or two plots in the same special, but here goes. In the first plot or special, this junior highish age boy somehow goes ahead in time to high school. In one scene, he is walking down the hall carrying a bunch of books in high school and trips and drops his books. In another scene, he is in class, and the male teacher is asking what each of them did for the summer. In another scene, he meets some of his old friends who ask “How is high school? In a final scene, the boy tells his dad, he wants to go back to junior high, and the dad says “OK.” So in the second plot or second special, there is this boy in high school sitting in the back of class. His teacher,  an elderly woman, calls on him to discuss the weekend reading.  Having not done it, he gives a silly answer, and the teacher says, “The weekend reading was about football!” She then tells him after class that if he does not have the reading done by the next day he will fail. Anyone remember what I am remembering?

Anyone remember this stalker thriller?

This was a stalker thriller from the 80’s or possibly early 90’s. WPIX in NY used to air it. A young married woman is on a road trip and has an affair with a drifter. Her husband, whose name is Arthur, is having her followed by a private investigator. When she returns home, the drifter won’t leave her alone, and she is trying to break it off with him. The woman works in an office, and her boss ids an African American man. She is also being mysteriously stalked as well. It turns out that she is being stalked by the private investigator. The private investigator also killed her husband. The private investigator torments her and says, “I’m the most dangerous man you have ever met.” Then, the drifter breaks in and violently kills the private investigator.