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Baroque or Renaissance woman wronged by father, sister and fiance gets revenge

It’s been ten to fifteen years since I saw it on tv. I only saw the end of the movie (the last 20-30 minutes). It was in color and they spoke English, no subtitles. I believe it took place in the baroque or renaissance period. I thought it might be taking place in Italy. There was an older sister whom I thought was played by Cybill Shepherd, but I must be wrong, as I can’t find it in her movie lists. She has a younger sister, a father and a fiance. The younger sister has plotted to steal the fiance, the father has gone along with it I think. The older sister realizes what has been going on and she seeks revenge in that somehow the younger sister ends up in a convent and the fiance and father are poisoned but they are disabled, not dead. The older sister then ends up controlling everything and the final scene is the two men at a table and she is feeding them and seems very happy with the outcome.